Layout Freedom:
VIPSLAN-10 frees a LAN from a tangle of wires and offers a layout-free LAN system. To let you freely change your office layout without worrying about the LAN. Elimination of cables makes possible drastic reduction of installation costs and time.

Flexible LAN construction in conference rooms:
Temporary and permanent LAN construction can be flexibly tailored to table location and number of users.

Maximizes the Mobility of Laptop Computers:
Private LAN construction integrating the infrared wireless LAN, VIPSLAN-10, maximizes the mobility of laptop computers. Movement is possible from a desk to a reception room to a conference room. Carry your laptop PC and get easy access to a LAN instantaneously wherever you go. Data in a server can be retrieved just like from a desktop.

10Mbps high-speed communications:
Compliance to industry-standard IEEE 802.3, with the same high-speed 10mbps communications as provided by a conventional wired LAN.

Perfect Ethernet compatibility assures seamless connection and smooth operation with conventional LANs:
10Mbps high-speed transmission and full compliance with Ethernet allow existing hubs, transceivers, and other devices to be used without modification.

High security:
Information leaks, which may occur with radio systems, can be avoided. High information security is assured.

Noise free:
Infrared is used as a transmission medium to prevent noise and interference caused by electromagnetic waves. VIPSLAN-10 is the perfect solution for medical and research facilities and for plants which operate precision equipment.

Free and versatile LAN segmenting:
Transmission ranges of infrared wireless LANs are clear and perfect shielding with a partition or other equipment is possible. More than one network segment can be installed easily in one room. The 10Mbps transmission speed is available for each segment.