Presenting a truly versatile LAN system.

The Satellite-to-Node system transmits data through one or more infrared hubs ( Satellite, W-Satellite, or S-Satellite ) to multiple Nodes or M-Nodes throughout the office, which are in turn connected to personal computers. The wireless design of the Satellite-to-Node system means no floor construction or wiring is required. Reduced installation charges, and gives you complete layout freedom. Your costs are reduced, and you have complete freedom of setup, no matter how many times your network is expanded or office layout re-arranged.

VIPSLAN-10 can be installed and used with a conventional wired LAN. Networking PCs to the Node via a Ethernet 10-base T hub is also possible.

VIPSLAN-10 assures freedom of movement and maximizes the mobile strengths of laptop computers.

The VIPSLAN-10 Infrared Wireless LAN System is perfectly tailored for laptop computers. Install a M-Node Card for laptop computers with W-Satellite and S-Satellite to construct a flexible LAN system that maximizes the utility of laptop computers.

[New Functions Maintain Mobility of Laptop Computers]

The AutoLink function automatically searches and locates the nearest Satellite signal in only 3 seconds. Slight movement of the unit does not affect alignment.

The QuickShift function memorizes the location of two W- or S-Satellite signals, automatically transferring to an alternate W- or S-Satellite if the first connection is interrupted.
* Function available for M-Node Card and M-Node.

VIPSLAN-10 assures LAN connection in even the most difficult locations.

With an optimum range of up to 20m, the Station-to-Station configuration easily clears the obstacles that trip up conventional LANs over long distances: able to transmit along corridors, across halls and firewalls and even between buildings.