Video Grand Prize A Human Story - Big Family 20:00
Li Dayuan 44, public servant, China

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A woman uses the 30,000 yuan that she had saved up over many years to purchase a house and farm. She lives there with 18 elderly people, all of whom are poor farmers. Their families have turned their backs on them, considering them as unwanted intruders in their own homes who are good for nothing. Some have even been subjected to violence. Now, thanks to their benefactor they can lead a life of dignity, helping each other. This refuge for the elderly receives absolutely no financial assistance from the government. Everything is done on a true volunteer basis. The woman's own family and members of the community find it impossible to understand her zeal to help strangers. Still, she never flags in her earnest efforts to help these elderly people.

This is a truly beautiful tale of a woman who, although hardly wealthy herself, dedicates her financial resources and time to helping the unwanted older people with whom she lives. It is a valuable social document that shows us what the situation of the elderly in China is really like. Even as this dedicated woman lives her life courageously, she is the object of envy in her community, and must surmount many problems and roadblocks thrown in her path. This work offers a penetrating look at problems in Chinese society through cool appraisal of various characters and paints a moving portrait of this extraordinary woman.

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