Gold Awards Railroad Links Tokyo Metropolitan Area 19:46
Akira Hasegawa 23, part-time worker, Japan

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It takes this university student four hours and 44 minutes to make the round trip to and from school. It is almost as if he were taking a full-scale journey every time he has to go to school. He is not enjoying his life in the least. Today will be another series of stressful situations, as he rides on the train, watching that same old scenery going by outside the window. But then something strange happens, after he dozes off.

This film is replete with the feelings of loneliness that possess many of today's youth, and it effectively expresses the sense of hopelessness that can arise from the rat race of urban life. The photography is stunning too, as is the way in which the trains are shown. It seems that this film despite its dark theme also represents a kind of social satire. It was also interesting in the way in which it showed the disappearance of the last train, leaving the youngster unable to get home.

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