Gold Awards MELANIE 17:00
Klaus Fleischmann 47, company employee, Germany

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Melanie lost her sight as a baby when she was born premature and had to be placed in an incubator. Still, she grew up rapidly and her parents want her to enjoy as normal a childhood as possible. They realize, however, that unless they handle things with tender loving care, Melanie will become upset. They hope for her to become self-reliant in life and to face things with a positive attitude. Really, they want nothing more than her happiness. This is a chronicle offered as hope for other parents whose children face similar handicaps.

This is the story of parents faced with the difficult situation of raising a child who is blind and related problems of social welfare. It shows how these parents and their child bravely face the sad situation. It is a weighty theme, no doubt, but the composition and method of expression in the film are superb. The narration is moving, and the child's mannerisms and facial expressions are charming. We would like to see how this family deals with the difficulties that are certain to lay down the road of life.

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