Gold Awards BEE SIMULATOR 2.0 5:58
Dafni Alexia / Papadatos Georgios student, Italy

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This is a simulation of the behavior of a bee. It flits about amidst beautiful flowers, and among various animals. It then enters the armpit of a man who is sleeping in a park, risking getting a whack for its trouble. Through this recreation of reality, we see how various people react to the presence of a buzzing bee. In the end, the little fellow gets a dose of insecticide and is trapped in a glass.

This is a truly innovative work, brimming over with the spirit of youth. The use of computer graphics is very skillful. The layout on the screen and delightful use of color are also superior. The film brings home to us how the possibilities for the video medium are constantly expanding. We can expect to see more such films made by the younger generation in the days to come.

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