Gold Awards Realm of Vegetables 19:19
Yoshitaka Nakamori 38, company employee, Japan

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Although he was born into a farm family, the hero has not previously farmed himself. That was because he had developed something of a complex about farming. However, he has now become disillusioned with his life as a salaried company employee, a life that never seems to change. He decides to try his hand at raising vegetables. Even though he suffers setbacks, the man is finally able to bring in a harvest of sorts. Encouraged by this small success, he now dreams of getting into organic farming on a professional basis.

This work shows how a mans life is transformed once he starts growing vegetables. The camera angles and editing are exquisite, and effectively show what this man is all about. The film is a reconfirmation of the great power that the video medium has to express the artistic sensibility of the makers of films.

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