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Public junior high schools in Japan generally have mandatory dress - in other words, school uniforms. Most students, however, would prefer to wear regular clothes to school. Are uniforms really necessary? At this public junior high in Kumamoto Prefecture a female student comes to school on the first day in regular clothes in order to make a personal statement. She has chosen to flout the schools dress code . She then transfers to another school where she can be herself. This documentary weighs the pros and cons of school uniforms.

We often are willing to go along with the crowd because things seem easier that way, and we do not want to be nails that stick out. We end up ignoring very real issues. That is true when it comes to the issue of school uniforms. In this film when all the students come to school dressed as they please, the classroom suddenly seems to brighten up. That episode left quite an impression with me. Among the other things that this film made me think about was the rationale that if the individual freedom for students is to be respected, it might not be a bad idea to do away with uniforms.

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