Video Communication Gold Awards AUROLAC 19:30
Sorin Iliesiu / Ioan Grosan Romania

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This train station in northern Romania is known as the station of despair. Here
gather many orphaned children who live life on the tough terms it has presented
them with. They are poor and have nothing to eat. In order to assuage their hunger
pains, they sniff Aurolac (paint thinner). Only when high can they forget their
problems for a little while at least. This, although they all realize that they are
destroying their minds and bodies.

This unforgiving film depicts the lives of children who have lost all. They have no
parents, they have no goals, no dreams. They are just trying to survive one more
day. The explanation of their feelings by the leader of the prostitution ring made
a deep impression on me. It was like sharp blade slicing my breast. That showed
earnest the video artist was in approaching their work and in addressing this
grave social problem.

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