Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) has developed the brand-new technology "Super VHS ET (Expansion Technology)" to make it possible to record Super VHS quality on normal VHS tapes.

The new "Super VHS ET" feature on Super VHS decks will allow users to record high-resolution Super VHS signals on the most widely available VHS cassettes, thus delivering over 400 lines of resolution. In turn, the new technology allows more users to easily enjoy higher-resolution which previously had been available only to owners of Super VHS decks using Super VHS cassette tapes. The technology will substantially expand the scope of higher-quality home picture recording and the penetration of Super VHS.

The new "Super VHS ET" is a system technology consisting of the newly developed "High-Resolution Recording System," "High Performance Video Head" and "Pre-Amp." This technology, making it possible to record 160% wider signal frequency range on VHS tapes, allows the recording of 400 lines of resolution on VHS tapes (HG tape is recommendable). In the background of this development is the fact that performance of video tapes and high quality picture technology of VHS video decks have been remarkably improved in recent years.

JVC will introduce this new technology as a powerful and viable feature to expand Super VHS benefits to a much larger audience in the age of high resolution and higher quality video sources.

JVC will also propose this technology to both hardware manufacturers and tape manufacturers by setting up a technical guideline for the NTSC areas.


Over 650 million VHS video units have been shipped worldwide (and over 20 billion tapes) since its introduction period. VHS continues to deliver over 50 million units annually making VHS universal home recording standard.

During this period, with rapid changes in the visual environment, VHS continued to evolve by introducing VHS Hi-Fi (1983), VHS HQ (1985), S-VHS (1987), creating the dominant home video market.

In the new visual environment, digitization is expanding rapidly in broadcasting media, a main source for home videos. Home entertainment has entered a new phase, as evidenced by the demand for higher resolution and larger screen entertainment products.

Given this, demand for high quality pictures on VHS home videos has been rising. The Super VHS Extension Technology is designed to address such demand in the changing visual market and to expand Super VHS benefits to a growing number of consumers who want to enjoy higher quality pictures on widely available normal VHS tapes.

The Super VHS ET is a new technology resulting from higher performance in terms of both hardware and tape media based on the VHS infrastructure.

Popularization of Super VHS will expand the higher picture quality of home entertainment.

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Super VHS ET is a feature which allows high-resolution Super VHS signals to be recorded on VHS tapes. This technology consisting of "High-Resolution Recording System," "High-Performance Video Head" and "Pre-Amp" makes it possible to record 1.6 times wider signal frequency range on VHS tapes.

  1. Video Signal Recording System:

  • Video input/output signal: NTSC-type color signal and separated Y/C signals conforming to NTSC

  • Luminance signal recording: Frequency modulated (FM) recording (conforming to Super VHS)
  • FM frequency:

White peak: 7.0 0.1 MHz (conforming to Super VHS)

Sync tip: 5.4 0.1 MHz (conforming to Super VHS)

Deviation: 1.6 MHz (conforming to Super VHS)

- Clip level:

White clip: 190 10% (210% for Super VHS)

Dark clip: -70 10% (conforming to Super VHS)

  • New signal emphasis

  • Chrominance signal recording: Color-under phase-shift recording of guadrature modulated chrominance signal (conforming to Super VHS)

  1. Audio Signal Recording System:

  • Linear track recording: conforming to VHS audio recording method

  • FM recording: conforming to VHS audio recording method

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