JVC Report

September 8, 1999

Achieves industry's highest level of luminance, resolution

and widest viewable angle


50" ILA Projection TV with 21st Century High Quality Image

- Incorporates world's first single-panel D-ILA device with

hologram color filter -

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) is introducing a 50-inch "ILA Projection TV", the HV-D50LA1, which achieves the industry's highest level* of luminance, resolution and widest viewable angle, as a next-generation large-screen TV that is compatible with digital Hi-Vision broadcasts.

*(compared to conventional projection TV)

This "ILA Projection TV" incorporates JVC's "D-ILA hologram device" which achieves unprecedented high luminance and high resolution by adopting the world's first hologram color filter in order to bring together into a single-panel format, the benefits of the 3-panel D-ILA device used in professional D-ILA projectors and is highly regarded for its high luminance, high resolution, high quality image.

Product name

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Model name

Standard price (excl. tax)

Launch date

Production per month

ILA Projection TV

Panorama Vision




Early Nov.


< Main Characteristics >

1. Incorporates newly developed "D-ILA hologram device" that achieves the industry's highest level of resolution.

  • Produces a high quality image that is equivalent to a professional projector, in a household television.

Thanks to the world's first "hologram color separation technology", it was possible to develop a single-panel D-ILA hologram device that achieved the high image quality equivalent to the 3-panel system. Achieves the industry-highest class pixel density (1280 x 1028) as a consumer-oriented digital imaging device. Connected to a BS digital tuner that is scheduled for future release, it will let the user enjoy the highly detailed images of Digital Hi-Vision broadcasts.

  • Achieves a high-quality, large-screen picture that can be enjoyed even in a brightly lit room.

Achieves the industry-highest class luminance and contrast by using the world first hologram color filter that provides high light efficiency in a single-panel system, and Perpendicular (Homeotropic) Liquid Crystal Alignment technology that enables high contrast.

2. Achieves industry's highest luminance that can light up the entire picture equally, even the four corners.

Equipped with newly developed 200W ultra high power mercury lamp which adopts the industry's first optical configuration system for upward illumination lamp that extends longevity of the lamp by averaging out the temperature distribution.

3. Achieves industry's highest level of viewing angle flexibility, allowing the screen to be watched from virtually anywhere.

Adopts a newly developed high-contrast screen with wide viewable angle that pursues the vertical visibility angle as well as horizontal, thereby allowing the user to enjoy watching while "lying on the floor" (visible range 3H; 3-times vertically visible height) Japanese-style, in the same was as one might enjoy watching a conventional CRT screen TV. Since even all the corners of the picture are sufficiently bright, a powerful and exciting large-screen image can be enjoyed.

4. Achieves "thinness" and "lightness" for easy placement.

  • Only 45cm in depth, this product achieves a profile that is actually thinner than a 21" CRT TV*, even though it offers a 50" viewscreen.
  • Achieves a mass of 52 kg; lighter than a 32" CRT TV*.

*(comparison using JVC products)

5. No worry even in the future as it has compatibility with BS digital broadcasts (1125i, 525p, 525i).

Equipped with D3 input terminal and 2 type component input terminals.

< Development Concept >

As the AV industry fast approaches the 21st century, it is faced with the prospect of a full-scale digital broadcasting age that will let people easily enjoy high quality images and sound even in the home, and accordingly, we see the appearance of the D-VHS system that allows recording and playback of BS digital broadcasts that will be starting from the end of next year, as well as DVD and DVC, etc. that will let people enjoy high quality image and sound. Especially in the visual field, as represented by television, interest is intensifying on higher grade images which offer the reality and presence that can sufficiently convey even the atmosphere of a scene.

Corresponding to such changes in the environment that surrounds the market, JVC, in order to let as many people as possible experience the unprecedented joy of a high quality large screen, developed the next-generation "ILA Projection TV" which achieves the industry's highest level of luminance, resolution and widest viewable angle that could not be attained with conventional TVs, and will be commercializing the "Panorama Vision 50" HV-D50LA1.

This product, which utilizes JVC's original "D-ILA" system technology that has gained an excellent reputation in the professional device market, achieves within a single-panel system the high luminance and high resolution that is equivalent to the 3-panel system, by adopting the world's first hologram color filter. It will let users enjoy various digital image sources such as broadcasts, movies, music and games, with a dynamic large-screen picture right in their living room, even if that room is brightly lit.

JVC positions the "ILA Projection TV" as a main product in the home AV systems that will expand in the 21st century, and will be promoting the new value of this high quality imaging all over the world, corresponding to the evolution and changes in the surrounding media environment.

< Specifications >



Device size 1.22" (effective display area)
Device Illumination method D-ILA single panel

(pixel density)

1280 x 1028
Aspect ratio 16 : 9
Display size 50" diagonal (16 : 9)
Illumination source 200 W ultra high power mercury lamp (optical configuration system for upward illumination lamp)
Channel coverage VHF : 1 - 12 channels UHF : 13 - 62 channels CATV : C13 - C38 BS5 : WOWOW, BS7 : Satellite 1, BS9 : Hi-Vision, BS11 : Satellite 2
Total audio output 30 W (5 W + 5 W + 20W)
Speaker 10 cm round x 2, 16 cm woofer x 1
Dimensions (W x H x D) 120.6 cm x 116.2 cm x 44.9 (main unit only)/ 47.9 (with pedestal) cm
Weight 52 kg
Power consumption

(While remote unit in standby)

380 W

(1 W)

Video inputs 4 type 4 terminals (front 1 type)
S-video inputs 4 type 4 terminals (front 1 type)
D input terminal D3 input x 1
Component video inputs 2 type 2 terminals (compatible with both Y, PB, PR/Y, CB, CR)

(compatible with Video 1, Video 3)

Monitor output 1 type 1 terminal
RGB input terminal D-sub 15 pin (Doubled-speed NTSC)


1. Equipped with 10 bit digital gamma correction to achieve high quality image. Plays back image without losing even subtle gradations.

2. Incorporates the brightest wide lens in the industry, that reduces image distortion and contributes to a thinner product.

3. Equipped with "5th generation MUSE decoder" that plays back Hi-Vision images clearly.

In addition to fully playing back all signals in the MUSE image signal area, it is equipped with a "new CN compatible NR circuit" to improve noise reduction efficiency and expand the compatible range for input signals. Moreover, it improves ringing reduction efficiency by a "waveform equalizing circuit" and achieves a high quality image by broadening the color range of moving images.

4. Delivers highly defined picture with newly developed Flat Panel DPC*-LSI which converts NTSC images to a quality level equivalent to BS Hi-Vision.

Incorporating a newly developed interpolation technology, the Flat Panel DPC-LSI converts natural progressive 480p up to Hi-Vision image definition (1125i) so they can be enjoyed with higher quality.

*Digital Pixel Converter

5. Equipped with high density image processing technology that plays back still images and moving images of conventional broadcasts clearly.

(1) Equipped with "3-dimensional natural progressive scan".

Doubles the density of a scanning line and plays back a smooth image without flicker or vertical line interference. Plays back any kind of scene naturally and clearly as it distinguishes among still images, slow moving images, and normal moving images and enhances each of them appropriately using JVC's exclusive "motion adaptive 3-dimensional process" that samples 3.3 million pixels.

(2) Equipped with "Digital Super Detail (DSD)".

Calibrates contours according to the type of scene, plays back an extremely sharp image.

6. Equipped with high-efficiency "new wide ghost reduction tuner".

Substantially reduces uneven color, color shift, fluctuation of brightness, doubled images, vertical stripe shading, etc. caused by ghosts that are produced with terrestrial and CATV broadcasts.

(1) Reduces long ghost (image trailing ghost) that makes an image look doubled or tripled, caused by radio interference in metropolitan areas with numerous buildings or in mountainous regions.

(2) Reduces pre-ghost that occurs by spurious signals being picked up by the cable when using CATV or a shared antenna such as in an apartment building.

(3) Allows enjoyment of each terrestrial broadcast channel with a smooth picture by virtue of its S/N ratio distinction system that activates the noise reduction circuit at the appropriate level according to the received signal. (Industry first)

7. "Natural cinema (2-3 pull down)" function faithfully plays back the film image source.

Through JVC's original newly developed "2 - 3 pull down" detection technology, the image quality of telecine converted movie software is restored to original film quality, for clear reproduction of details.

8. High quality sound features that reproduce sound with amazing presence, most suitable for large-screen.

Realistic sound with power and depth is essential for the enjoyment of movie cassettes when viewing on a large screen. By adopting 10 cm round speakers, 16 cm round woofer and speaker enclosure, it makes the large screen picture more attractive with thundering bass and clear mid to high tones.

# # #


Equipped with newly developed "D-ILA hologram device" that achieves the industry's highest quality image, in tune with the age of large-screen television.

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) has developed a "D-ILA hologram device" which not only improves upon their previous 3-panel D-ILA device for D-ILA projectors by increasing the number of pixels to 9000/mm2, but also incorporates the world's first hologram color filter* which makes the use of a single panel possible.

*Developed in cooperation with DuPont and Dai-Nippon Printing

This new D-ILA device is a reflective type, with vertically oriented liquid crystals for a cubic pixel composition that enables an extremely high pixel density that projective type LCD panels, etc. can not attain. By this method, JVC's single-panel "D-ILA hologram device" achieves approximately 6 times the pixel density of a conventional LCD panel with the highest pixel density.

< Main characteristics of equipping "D-ILA hologram device" >

1. Achieves high luminance, highly enhanced detail and high contrast by providing the industry's highest level of light efficiency, and Perpendicular (Homeotropic) Liquid Crystal Alignment technology, which are inherent advantages of D-ILA.

2. Succeeds in commercializing a consumer-use display that delivers a high quality image equivalent to professional projectors by developing the industry's first "hologram color separation technology" that enables a device that uses only a single panel.

3. Achieves a sharp image without color smearing, even at the periphery of the screen, through the use of a single plate and high efficiency optical system.

4. Achieves the industry's highest pixel density for a consumer digital device, with 1280 x 1028 pixels (1,320,000 pixels total; 3,950,000 dots RGB), by taking advantage of D-ILA device's characteristics that enable a smaller pixel size while utilizing conventional IC processing.

(1) Achieves a highly detailed picture without visible scanning lines or pixellation, thereby letting the viewer enjoy movie films as they were meant to be.

(2) Next-generation high quality image ready for the upcoming BS digital age.

Can beautifully reproduce 1125i, 525p and 525i digital broadcasts.

<D-ILA Hologram Device> <Concept of D-ILA Hologram Device Composition>


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