Typical Installations (Overseas)

Abbeyroad Studios

(London, England, U.K.)

Owned by EMI U.K. Grand opening in 1931 for the recording of famous composer Elgar. Numbers of big hits recorded in this studio. Especiqally, recordings of Beatles albums in 1960's made Abeeyroad as most famous studio all over the world. 4 recording rooms plus many mastering suite available.

Metropolis Studios

(London, England, U.K.)

The recording studio built in old power plant. Big names like Queen, Sting, some Japanese artists prefer to have recording session in this site because of good acoustics and visual design. 5 recording rooms and 4 mastering rooms are available.

Townhouse Studios

(London, England, U.K.)

Phil Collins, Culture Club recordings made Townhouse as most popular studio in London. It used be a part of Virgin Group established by Richard Bronson of Virgin Atlantic Airways, and, now it is owned by EMI. 4 recrdidng rooms and 3 mastering rooms are available.

Fisherlane Farm Studio

(Surrey, England, U.K.)

Located in Surrey, one and half hours south to London, built by refurbishing farm house in a huge ranch. It is a home studio of "Genesis" who is a big name of British music schene. The studio with luxury atmosphere including hotel style accomodation for 10 people available in a separate building.