Typical Installations (Japan)

JVC Studios

The biggest studio complex all over the world. 5 recording studios, 3 mastering, 2 mixdown and 6 editing rooms are available. Another recording facility "Yamanaka-Lake Sound Village" is provided as resort studio.

On Air Azabu Studios

This 2 stories and 3 basements building was spacially designed for studio to achieve the concept of bright, extensive and high ceilings. All the rooms are designed to have the best reverbrant and confortability. This is 2nd co-design work with ADG, UK. (Paradise is the first) 3 recording studios and 2 matering rooms are available.

ICC Studio

One of the biggest control rooms in Japan which is ideal for electrical music. The recording studio has both live and dead zone finised with stone floor and wooden plate. Suitable for all the kind of music recording.

Westside Studios

Owned by biggest recording engineer group in Japan, "Mixers Lab". Mr.Uchinuma, President, built this studio without any compromise to have the best sound and ease of use from the point of view as a recording engineer. Westside is enjoying a very good reputation for best equipment and acoustics. 3 recoding studios (large, medium and small) are available.