Mass production of DVD discs started at JVC's manufacturing plantI


JVC began marketing DVD titles from Largo Entertainment through CIC Victor Video on April 21. Three titles--"Point Break," "Unlawful Entry," and "The Getaway"-- offered initially for \3,800 each. This will be followed by "Nikita," "Leon Director's Cut," "Subway," "White Squall," "Mulholland Falls," "Dead Man," "Time Cop," "Judgment Night" and "Malcolm X." Twenty titles in total will be available within the year, including Japanese titles, marketed by Victor Entertainment, JVC's subsidiary for audiovisual software.

JVC began authoring DVD software in February with its proprietary authoring system. Operations were handled by Videotech, JVC's subsidiary for authoring and video post production.

Disc Production

Mass production of DVD discs started at JVC's Rinkan manufacturing plant in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture in April.


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