JLIP Video Movie Player version upgrade [Ver1.14] notice




    GV-DS1U/E (Including models packed along with GR-DVM1EG/EA/EK, GR-DVM801EG(S), GR-DVM1DU)

Changes from Version 1.0x to 1.13

Spec. changes

  • Pre-roll time can now be set to "LONG".
    • Now compatible with VHS video decks having Turbo-Search function.

        HR-DD949E/EH/EH(S), HR-DD946MS


  • After the equipment name has been changed, the original name will automatically return when JLIP is initialized.
  • A quit message is now set to appear at the end.


  • The counter value for the total number of frames per scene has been changed from 30 frames, to 25 frames for PAL equipment.
  • A problem where numbers could not be input for setting the pause time in a French language environment, has now been corrected.
  • A problem with run time error occurred when inputting letters during reset of the time, has now been corrected.
  • A problem with run time error occurred when the VTR operating window was opened even when no VTR was being used, has now been corrected.

Changes from Version 1.13 to 1.14

Ver1.14 has above changes and following collection.


  • A problem with scene skip occurred when programmed playback with VHS-C camcorder, has now been corrected.

How to install

1. Create a temporary job folder in a suitable location on the hard disk.

2. Download the Vmp_114e.exe file into the job folder created in step 1.

3. After the download is complete, doubleclick the icon for the Vmp_114e.exe file. Files automatically become available.

4. Doubleclick the Setup.exe from among the now available files to run it.

[Posted] Oct./07/97

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