About Windows 98 Operations on JLIP Products

We confirmed following softwares and drivers compatibility with Windows 98.

  • JLIP Movie Player
  • JLIP Video Producer
  • JLIP Video Capture
  • GV-PT2 Printer driver & Capture
  • GV-DT1 Printer driver & Capture
  • Picture Navigator
  • Video Navigator

    If you have regarding failure to operate or occurrence of communication errers after upgrading to Windows98, please check the following.
  • (1) First, check if the your's PC model is guaranteed by the PC manufacturer to operate 
        on Windows 98.
        Some PC models do not have this guarantee by their manufacturers.
        Please consult your PC manufacturers.
        Above software & driver operations cannot be guaranteed for PC models that are not compatible 
        with Windows 98. 
        If the PC model is compatible with Windows 98, check the following (2) and (3).
    (2) Go to Explorer, click "File" and check that "Offline Operations" is selected. 
        If it is not, select it and then start the JLIP software.
    (3) In upgrading to Windows 98, the COM port may be changed to IRDA or MODEM.
        Set a COM port which can be used for the JLIP serial port.

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