JLIP Video Capture Version Upgrade [Ver1.1] notice



    GV-DS1U/E (Including models packed along with GR-DVM1EG/EA/EK, GR-DVM801EG(S), GR-DVM1DU)

Changes from Version 1.0 to 1.1

Spec. changes

  • Separate index format display was changed from "Movie Player(*.jlp)" to "Video Producer (*.jlp)"
  • Horizontal scroll is now possible when horizontal width of the main window is shrunk.
  • Pre-roll time can now be set to "LONG".
    • Now compatible with VHS video decks having Turbo-Search function.

        HR-DD949E/EH/EH(S), HR-DD946MS


  • The following shortcut keys have been added on menu bar. (English version)
    • Ctrl+N(New Album)

      Ctrl+O(Open Album)

      Alt+A(Save Image As...)

  • The following shortcut keys have been deleted on menu bar. (French version)
    • Ctrl+Q (Quitter)

      Ctrl+F (Format Image)

      Alt+C (Changement de peripherique)

      Alt+I (Initialisation)


  • Correction of image abnormalities occurring when BMP files were affixed to data such as Microsoft Word.

How to install

1. Create a temporary job folder in a suitable location on the hard disk.

2. Download the Jcpt_11e.exe file into the job folder created in step 1.

3. After the download is complete, doubleclick the icon for the Jcpt_11e.exe file. Files automatically become available.

4. Doubleclick the Setup.exe from among the now available files to run it.

[Posted] Oct./07/97

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