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Components & Device Sector

Components & Device Sales and Marketing Division

Kurihama R&D Center

Yokohama Plant
Products:Build-up Printed Wiring Board

Iwai Plant
Products:Deflection yoke/Flyback Transformer

Fujieda Plant
Products:DC Motor for VCR / Camcorder / HDD / FDD / CD-ROM

Koriyama Plant
Products:Video Head / Mn-Zn Single Crystal Ferrite / Crystal Oscillator

Utsunomiya Plant
Products:Hall Element / Crystal Oscillator /TCXO

Tsurugamine Plant
Products:Fine Mechanical Parts for VCR / Camcorder

Yamato Plant
Products:Optical Pickup / Traverse Mechanism for Optical Disk Drive

ten.gif (138 ???)Overseas

JVC Electronics Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.

JVC Components (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

JVC Manufacturing (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

JVC Guangzhou Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Kuang Yuan Co.,Ltd.


Sales office (Taiwan)

JVC Company of America

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